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I'm the third person on LJ to say this but...

I defended my PhD thesis! I passed! :D
cimartin, ophblekuwufu, animangel, and KV all came to the defense, which was pretty awesome. (They and thekinginyellow also watched me do a practice talk the night before, so they must be kinda tired of long-distance reflexives by now.)

And after the defense MK and SG made me cakes! With a pun about long-distance reflexives! It was very exciting. My department has a storied history of cakes with puns following people's dissertation defenses, and I'm glad my defense got to be part of this tradition.

I don't actually have all my PhD requirements done yet. I have thesis revisions, and there's another paper I need to write up (based on an experiment I ran). But the end is in sight. By the time of the winter party, I should be all done.

Also, another awesome thing happened. See, I'd been chatting with a postdoc from Finland and she told me that every three years, Finland has a ceremony for all its recent PhDs in which they get funny hats and also SWORDS. And I was like, wow, I wish I lived in Finland and could get a doctoral sword! Well... I got this unexpected package on Monday night and it was a sword. A really big one! If realitybuster doesn't object, I want to mount it over the mantle in the living room.

Oh! And! CD defended _his_ dissertation yesterday, too, at Princeton. As he said, it was a 2X PHD COMBO.
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