boojum42 (boojum42) wrote,

Larps, 2013

1. Be Not Afraid. (Vericon, Cambridge MA.) PC: Raphael. Angsty angel is angsty. <3
2. West Eros High School. (HRSFANs summer party, Washington DC.) PC: Lyanna Stark. Went to college on a dodgeball scholarship, that'll show the patriarchy.
3. Remedia Amoris. (New York.) PC: Marion Valentine. Murderpunk is the best punk.
4. The Dance and the Dawn. (New York.) NPC: Shadow Servant. This was done semi-professionally at a theater, with cool professional lighting and such.
5. Devil to Pay. (Cambridge, MA.) PC: Ingela Gathenhielm. Real pirates don't have as much fun as fake ones, but at least I survived.
6. The Oncoming Storm. (HRSFANs winter party, Ocean Grove NJ.) PC: Innocet of Lungbarrow. Is a Time Lord, but in the backstory spent 673 years trapped inside her own house, sheesh.

Fairly light larp year, though I enjoyed what I did. This year I am going to Intercon so expect a long list!
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