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Movie watching journal!

[I am keeping a movie journal! Comment if you want to be on the filter. :)]A few years ago, orlycadan and I had a project to watch all of the Disney Animated Classics in order. We left off at The Rescuers, meaning we saw several decades of both classic and unknown Disney flicks. Some old Disney is really, really BIZARRE, either in awesome ways ("The whale who wanted to sing opera at the Met") or WTF ways ("When a bear loves a bear, he says it with a slap.") Also Disney, particularly old Disney, is really racist, including in ways we hadn't remembered. Dumbo, to list one egregious example, doesn't just have Jim Crow, the crow. It also has a song in which faceless black circus workers sing about how they will immediately go waste all their pay on booze. Sigh.

I regret not keeping a blog of my impressions/ the particularly weird bits, but I really enjoyed the project, and am glad we made ourselves watch things in sequence, not just the good ones. Maybe sometime I'll try to backtrack and do this, but it was years ago which will make it trickier.

ANYWAY! I am now part of another "watch a bunch of movies on a list in order" project, and this time I am going to learn from my mistakes and keep a journal. ophblekuwufu and I are watching the AFI top 100 list in order. (NOTE: there are two different lists, one from 1998 and the other from 2008, and we have already gotten them confused, so things will occasionally happen out of sequence.) It's not going to be anything particularly deep or incisive, just things that particularly amused me or stuck out to me, and general impressions or feelings. (Also hopefully ophblekuwufu will join me in this so you will get TWO SETS OF IMPRESSIONS IN ONE CONVENIENT LJ POST.) In the interests of not spamming everyone with this, I'm going to make a filter-- comment or email me if you want to be on it. :D
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