boojum42 (boojum42) wrote,

Cream cakes: a retrospective

Age 4
"Droushie, can I have a cream cake? And one for Steggie?"
"Gregor and the bodyguard reappeared about the time the cream cakes were being served, and Gregor set about successfully charming the ladies for a second helping. Kareen drew the line firmly at thirds."
Age 5
"So, under Cordelia's supervision, the Emperor danced with the bride, ate three cream cakes, and was carried away to bed satisfied."

The Vor Game
Age 25
"Gregor stared at the pastry tray, and sighed. 'I suppose it would distrurb the guards if I tried to shove a cream torte up your nose.'
'Deeply. You should have done it when we were eight and twelve; you could have got away with it then. The cream pie of justice flies one way,' Miles snickered."

Age 35
"When the cream cakes appeared, along with an offering of five kinds of dessert coffees and teas, Gregor said shyly, 'I've arranged a small surprise for you, Laisa.'"

Captain Vorpatril's Alliance
Age 40
"'I suppose an Imperial military draft would be cheating,' replied The Gregor with a sigh, and homed in on his third cream cakelet."
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