boojum42 (boojum42) wrote,

And now for an _actual_ update.

lwa341 is coming home tonight, after being across the world for six weeks. Yay!

In other news, one of my housemates is transferring to Harvard Law, and we will be getting a new housemate in her place. He makes pancakes on Sundays and throws Don Quixote-themed parties, so he should fit right in. Hee.

Today I got to bug lots of people who are native speakers of interesting languages. (Specifically, interesting languages with long-distance reflexives.) Wheeee! It will be interesting to see if any two people's judgments actually agree. Things look much more certain in papers than they do when you go around asking people. Meanwhile I feel strangely sheepish.

The Williams Syndrome conference went well-- I especially liked getting to meet so many different people with WS. You hear so much about the symptoms of WS that it's good to see that people with it are just as different from one another as any other people are. Also, giving money to children is fun. Less fun is spending that much time in a hotel, since the conference happened there, all the testing happened there, and we were staying there. No reason to ever leave, except to find food.

Also, I think the WS conference made me think really hard about the Responsibilities of Parenthood-- the kids and adults with WS all had really hard-working parents looking out for them and trying to help them lead happy and full lives. Good people. But anyway while I was there, I had weird dreams that I suddenly discovered I was pregnant (just in the dream) and was angsting over having had sake the night before (in RL).

Anyhoo. Life is good. My housemates threw me a pirate-themed birthday party. Red velvet cake got all mangled, looked like blood. Yarr. And last weekend I went canoeing on the Potomac. Hurray for the outdoors, and all.

And there will be a TIM again! About time.
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