boojum42 (boojum42) wrote,

Oh hey larp post!

Right, happy new year everybody! I was totally in some larps last year which I will document for posterity, shamelessly copying silkspinner.

Ex Ignorantia (PC: Professor Jill Kingsley.) Aka Miskatonic University. Really fun!! Ran at the same time as Persona at VeriCon; hope someday to try that too.

The Tale and the Twilight (PC: Khadijah.) Want to say things but they're spoilers so I won't. Named a wow character after her!

The Dance and the Dawn: Dreams of Ash and Ice. (NPC: Queen Lorelai Telerion.) Michigan run orchestrated by mikevonkorff. Never had a serious NPC role in anything before-- it was a neat experience.

The Dance and the Dawn: Dreams of Ash and Ice. (NPC: shadow servant.) Was fun to see everybody in this and see how the pairings went. Also I'm currently the only person to have seen all runs of this game now. (Unless there's been a fourth since then.)

Soul of the World. (PC: Mahendra.) Hee, I played the same role as thekinginyellow's dad.

Valde Bellum Incipit. (PC: Duchess.) Cats are totally the best! I had a great time being larp buddies with swan_tower. Also had the most momentous coin flip ever.

Temptemus Papam. (PC: Pietro Bembo.) The larp where wikipedia is full of spoilers. I should go check it out now that it's safely over!
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